The fifth Comenius meeting 22-26.04.2013, Bucharest, Romania

The following activities were done in the fifth meeting of Comenius project GREENET:

Official opening of the meeting
Brief wellcome speach and the introduction of the participants by the headmaser of Dimitrie Leonida Techical College
Meeting with the Local Authorities:Mayor of District 2 of Bucharest
Earth Day Celebration-at the Recreational and Educational Center "Sf. Pantelimon", Cityhall of District 2 in the show
"Greenet - Future of the Planet"

Meeting of the teachers and students on project activities,
Workshop ”Designing ecological houses of the future”
Workshop - Eco food-PIZZA
Presentation of the Greenet Consortium
Gala attendants certificates

For the ecological business plan and the Greenet Consortium we made documentary visits at:
Electrical Engineering Faculty within Polytechnic University of Bucharest / 30 kWp photovoltaic power Plant
Study visit at ecological houses - Village Museum
Entrepreneur in Romania - visit at the STRAUSS ROMANIA SRL factory – ecological line of production
Parliament Palace of Romania
„Corbii de piatra” Monastery,Pitesti
Ecological farm
Peles Castle - Sinaia