1┬░Mazza-Colamarino SCHOOL is located in Torre del Greco,not far away from Naples in the south-west of Italy at the bottom of Vesuvius mountain. It is a dynamic school opened to European projects in order to offer cultural and training opportunities to its pupils. Colamarino-Sasso students, aged 11-14. have different social backgrounds: many of them have disadvantaged cultural and economic situations as well as better way of life. We want to join in this European project because we want and we need to support them in building their future. In fact it would be very important if our students have the chance to match with different social models. They will expand their knowledge and come to appreciate different attitudes of living. Another reason why we want to enter this project is to give our students the chance to use foreign languages and new technologies while working on the "nature" topic which is a resource for their life. In addition, they will acquire competencies in the field of entrepreneurship using the creativity. GreeNet is an opportunity for the staff too. In a "EU" vision, it's important for teachers and headmasters from all over Europe to cooperate , to share different experiences in order to develop common competencies to reach the same objectives.