The declared aim of the Oberschule in Kirchdorf is to achieve a sustainable increase of the environmental awareness of their students and to expand them to the best of their knowledge about recycling, energy saving measures and renewable energies to increase awareness in many areas.
Specially in the last few years it has been shown that the shortage of resources has a direct impact of the life in our society and also has an impact on the life of every citizen.
The growing energy consumption and the finite resources make a rethinking necessary. Our Comenius project Greenet helps to make sure, that the students deal with the theme and therefore exchange informations with the other partner schools. From this the following sustainable key aspects were emerged:
  • recyclable materials and residual waste
    • the realization of the consum of plastic and metal
    • the rethinking of their own behaviour of consumption
      • behaviour for saving resources
    • the effect of plastic for human health
    • the further processing of recyclable materials
      • collection schemes
      • processing
    • reusable systems of beverage packaging
    • recycling of old clothes
  • energy saving measures
    • government incentives
    • saving measures in private households
    • conservation of resources
  • renewable energies
    • recognize the significance of energy production of our habitat
    • get to know special types of renewable energies
      • solarthermal heating techniques
      • solar energy
      • wind power plants
      • biogas plants
        • functional principle
        • advantages / disadvantages
        • importance for the supply of energy
  • climate protection
    • effects of the human behaviors
    • climate change
Next to their own recherches to these topics the talks with experts and different excursions are very important.



Colamarino-Sasso community in order to take care the environment and the landscape is going to work about waste recycling. An Eco-voluntary center is set up, affirming the importance of volunteering in the future evolution of each us.
The aim:
To carry out “the green corner of my school”
  • Arrange a point for recyclable waste (paper, plastic, aluminum)
  • Do cleaning activities
  • Select waste collection activities
  • Make handwork by recycled materials
  • Simulate a province Council.
  • Make a cartoon
To improve the environmental awareness of public opinion trough below line advertising: (leaflets and pamphlets)
  • Organize meeting with environment experts
  • To expose objects from recycled materials
  • Take care “Via Cimaglia”


In 2011, we celebrate ten years from the first organization of International Year of Volunteering in 2001, at United Nations initiative. In 2008, Irish parliamentary Marian Harkin has submitted to the European Parliament a statement calling for the 2011 European Year to become active involvement and volunteering. In 2009, the European Commission officially announced the start of preparations for the European Year of Volunteering. The goals of European Year of Volunteering are: creating an enabling environment for volunteering, improving the quality of voluntary activities, recognition of voluntary activities and increasing the importance of volunteering.
According to the low of 2006, volunteering is a “public activity conducted by any person, on his own initiative, in the benefit of others, without receiving material compensation”. Like any action, volunteering has a few important rules: you must want to be a volunteer; you have to like what you do, it is mandatory to feel good because you help. Volunteering brings benefits to both volunteers and recipients of this activity because it helps people get involved in solving problems, participate in decisions, help save lives.
InRomania, only 18% of population (4 million) is involved in volunteer activities. Why so few? Because it is easier to say I can’t, I don’t know, I am not used, I don’t care or I don’t have time. But volunteering is contentment, feeling good, moral and emotional support, experience. If you want to feel these things, get involved! Volunteering has no age!
Affirming the importance of volunteering in the future evolution of each of us, students of Technical College Dimitrie Leonida constituted and organized Volunteer Center GREENET.
Volunteer Center GREENET from "Dimitrie Leonida Technical College" intends to promote activities to foster the development of appropriate environmental attitudes. Therefore, the action plan of Volunteer Center GREENET includes four major themes:
  1. Realization of campaign “ The green corner of my school ”;
  2. Practical activities of cleaning parks;
  3. Environmental awareness of public opinion;
  4. Exposition of objects from recycled materials.
Through the activities that will be running, Volunteer Center GREENET intends to promote projects from environmental education by:
  • creating a selective waste collection called “ The green corner of my school ”( students will arrange own collection point for recyclable waste ) – December 2011;
  • selective waste collection actions – permanently;
  • recycling of waste collected – quarterly;
  • cleaning activities in National Park from Bucharest– quarterly ;
  • debate on environmental legislation in each country of the project – February 2012;
  • application of environmental questionnaire – permanently;
  • making an exhibition place with objects from recycled materials – quarterly ;
  • Performances with environmental contents – Earth Day, Biodiversity Day, Birds Day



First of all, students will make a diagnosis of environmental awareness within the school through direct observation and questionnaires. They will also do a study of the consumption of water, paper, fuel and electricity at Machado utilizing the bills from the first term.
This audity tries to promote values and the youth compromise for the sustainability of our dees. Each of these can derive in generating residue or saving it.
Generating residue has a direct negative influence in our environment even if we recycle it. Whereas, saving resources is the most positive concept we can spread, therefore, our action plan, once the audity is finished, will be focused on raising awareness about that urgent necessity
The objectives to reach are:
  • To promote awareness of the school environmental respect or lack of it towards water, paper, energy and the generation of waste.
  • To enable students to reflect on consumption and sympathize with people with fewer energy resources.
  • To develop the capability of objective investigation and responsibility towards environmental issues, which will probably have an echo on future decision taking.
  • To encourage the use of the ITC as a working tool
Proposed measures to reach those objectives:
Collect data to carry out the audity
Dissemination of audity results through school magazine and posters
Campaign addressed to the community in order to reduce consumption and change people’s habits related to issue.
Future priorities:
  • Resource management within the school
  • Promotion of eco-friendly habits within the school community

Evaluation of the results:
There will be an evaluation of the work carried out by the volunteer group at the end of this academic year as well as the evaluation of the effect of the campaign at school.
The aim of this work will show the level of consciousness on environmental issues among the members of the school community



Anamur Anadolu Lisesi: Nature Conservancy's Environmental Volunteer Center.

It is now time to join hands across the globe to protect and preserve our environment
We as Anamur Anadolu Lisesi know that saving the environment is not an issue anymore. It is a survival truth. The less we pollute our environment, the more we prevent global warming.In order to raise awareness among the students in our school and the local people we set our voluntary center open to everyone.
The Action Plan of Our Volunteer Center GREENET includes:
1. Proper handling of waste materials, such as reusing or disposing of them properly
2. Preparing school boards about the following subjects in the green corner of our school
- Saving energy and the ways of it
- More reusable power like hydro wind or solar power.
- The negative affects of auto emission
- The importance of avoiding littering our roads and environment
- The importance of using more organic fertilizers.
3. Introducing the national volunteer centers in our country encoring students to become members
4. Cleaning activities
Our aim is teaching our children to respect nature and the environment, and learn in the process how we can save it.

Save the environment. Save Life.